I created my own day trade software system. The goal is to determine the trend of the day of US markets and
particularly in buying or selling the SP500 or e mini SP500.
Before the US market opens, my system analysis all the politics, financials and economics news from yesterday, then
plots on the screen the trade of the day Buy or Sell at the open and Sell or Buy at the close. With this system you will be
sure to be filled at the open and the same thing for the close.

In fact, before the open you have a bullish or bearish feeling with several strengths created  by the news.
The trading system determines the power of this feeling  (a powerful feeling = big trend) to be sure that the order of the
day will be right when there are big movements during the month and to have losses in the small trends because it's
impossible to have no losses in day trading.

I created a day trade system because I think it's the best way to check if a method is good or not and in particularly with
one future instrument, after one year you have approximately 250 trades. And to win you need to carry out a new trade
each day on the same future.

I believe in my system that's why I don't sell it and ask no fees.
I only want you to win and give me a % on your net profit.

2000 Monthly Results on e-mini SP500
1999 Monthly Results on e-mini SP500
1998 Monthly Results on e-mini SP500

January trades on e-mini Nasdaq
1999 Monthly Results on e-mini Nasdaq

Futures trading is speculative and involves risk of loss. Past performance results are not indicative of future results.

Since February 1999, I email the order of the day (Buy or Sell at the open, Sell or Buy at the close) before the open to a
broker to check my method so if you want you can contact them:

KIS Futures Trading West
Bob, Kries & Gary

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